Dr. Angyal’s field of expertise can outline care for any and all cases. In most situations your treatment and rehabilitation is handled in house in our extensive treatment facility. He specializes in:


Chiropractic adjustments, Micro Current

Myofascial Release Cold Laser Therapy

Spinal Decompression/Flexion Distraction Custom Orthotics

Rehabilitation & Strengthening Programs Kinesis Taping

Ultrasound Trigger Point Therapy

Massage Interferential Current


Therapy Modalities

Manipulation Under Anesthesia – MUA
Low Level Laser Therapy – Erchonia Cold Laser
Electro muscular Stimulation
Cold Packs
Exercise Instructions
Activator Method
Axial Traction
Massage therapy

Specialize Therapies

Headaches Tension migraine and TMJ/facial pain
Neck Pain Disc bulges
Disc Herniation/bulges
Cervical Radiculopathies
Brachial Radiculopathies
Stiff Neck/ Tortocollis
Subluxation of the spine

Back Pain Disc Bulges
Disc Herniation
Facet Syndrome
Lumbar Radiculopathies
Hip Problems
Failed Back Surgery
Sacroiliac Pain/Dysfunction
Subluxation of the spine

Extremities Knees, Shoulders, Wrists, Ankles, Hips, Ribs and Elbows