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Wondering whether chiropractic care can work in remedying your back pain? Visit us at Dr. Joel Angyal. We are the specialized Chiropractor Back Pain Bergen County. We have serviced the clients in the area for over 20 years. It is true that proper chiropractic care is vital for treating your nervous disorders, sore muscles, painful back, stiff neck, and joints. Hands-on adjustment of the spine or simply spinal manipulation forms a major part of our practice. Besides, we also use other treatment techniques as well but not medical or surgical operations.

During your first visit, we start by doing a personalized examination and analysis to determine the cause of your problem before coming up with the right form of treatment. These will include assessing your lifestyle, mental stress, sleeping habits, use of drugs, any medicinal drugs prescribed to you, past injuries and illnesses, your diet, and current health issues and much more. This implies you will need more than one session to determine the right course of therapy for you. Nutritional counseling, exercises, rehabilitation and much more may form part of the treatment plan that we will administer to you.

Chiropractor Back Pain

Our spinal manipulations and chiropractic care for back pain are safe and efficient in curbing your condition. Sometimes the pain might be felt in other parts of your body such as the neck, head, joints, and muscles. We are sure that your condition will respond to our effective treatment plans. Whether your condition is acute or chronic, our practitioners understand how to go about in eliminating them all.

Our procedures are cost-effective for all patients. You can book an appointment today with us and bring an end to your annoying back pain. We are available for an in-depth back pain treatment that you are looking for. Find us through our phone number 201-945-7880. Our treatment plans are driven by the severity of your back pain. Call us today.


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